GAP Glycol


One of the biggest concerns for installers and owners of solar systems alike is the reliability of the solar system. One of the primary components of an indirect solar system is the Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) or Glycol, at the same time this is also one of the components often overlooked when designing or installing a system. GAP Geysers understands this and has developed a high quality food grade glycol for that purpose. GAP Geysers HTF is pre-mixed, reducing the likelihood of additional contaminant entering the system, which is one of the major causes of glycol failure.

HTF has been manufactured to the highest international food grade/non-toxic standard. GAP Geysers HTF Glycol is anti-corrosive, highly efficient and is able to withstand freeze conditions to -20ºC ensuring that solar systems function reliably in the coldest of South African winters.

Glycol can be used with these products