GAP Mounting Solutions

Mounting Solutions

GAP has developed a range of mounting solutions to meet the growing demand for the safe and effective installation of solar geysers on the roof. All GAP mounting systems are made of durable materials and are able to distribute the weight of the solar system evenly.

GAP Mounting systems are easy to install and cost effective.

There are 3 roof mounting options:

  • Galvanized Inclined roof stand
  • Aluminium Inclined roof stand
  • Galvanized Flat roof stand
Aluminium Mounting Solution - Installation Manual

Aluminium Inclined roof mounting system designed for direct thermosiphon systems.

Galvanised Mounting Solution - Installation Manual

Galvanised Incline roof mounting system suitable for all areas, and can be used for direct and indirect thermosiphon systems.

Mounting Solutions can be used with these products